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Mocha Java Blend  

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Mocha-Java is the world’s oldest recorded coffee blend, primarily because Mocha coffees from Yemen and Java from Indonesia were the world’s first commercially available coffees. It is said that the favorite coffee of Thomas Jefferson, who is quoted as calling coffee, “the favorite drink of the civilized world,”was the Mocha-Java blend. Armeno Coffee Roasters blends Yemen Mocha Mattari and Indonesian Java Jampit Estate in a 40:60 ratio to make our version of this popular blend.

The principal behind the Armeno Coffee Roasters Mocha Java Blend is to combine coffees – whose flavors are very different – to produce the perfect cup of coffee. The fruity acidity of the Mocha energizes the sweetness of the Java, while the more full-bodied Java helps balance the unique flavor of the Mocha. The result is a wonderful full bodied blend with a natural chocolaty flavor and a smooth creamy finish. It is a favorite of our coffee roaster, John Parks, and is usually what he brews at home.

Armeno’s Mocha Java Blend is great in any brew method and makes a particularly wonderful mild espresso.

Mocha Java Blend
Weight:1.5 LBS.


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Weight:1.5 LBS.


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