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Armeno Maui Red Cataui was recently reviewed on the popular blog,
Daily Shot of Coffee


Armeno Coffee

Monday - Saturday

9am - 5pm

75 Otis Street
Northborough, MA


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Republic of Tea:

Republic of Tea's fine teas are made from hand-picked young shoots, the two leaves and bud that sprout from the very tip of the evergreen Camellia bush, which produce the most flavorful cup. The whole leaves retain their unique essential oils and are full-bodied and deliciously aromatic.

When brewed, fine tea leaves unfold luxuriantly in fresh hot water, offering up their complex characters at a gentle pace. These leaves produce wonderful cups that can delight and pleasure the senses. The Moroccan Mint tea, for example, is blended from fragrant mint and "gunpowder" tea leaves, which are tightly rolled into pellets that retain essential oils for more flavor and aroma. When the brewed leaves unfurl, it is surprising to see how large and full the leaves are, to smell the rich cool scent, and to taste their distinctively fresh flavor.

The Republic of Tea sells full-leaf tea because it's simply better tasting and much more diverse in its range of subtle flavors than the cut leaves or tea dust you will find in most tea bags. And brewing fresh whole leaves is as easy as boiling water.

Black Teas

Decaffeinated and Herbal Teas

Green Teas

Red Tea/Rooibos

White Tea
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