Colombia Nariño Aponte-Royal Reserva Honey Process *NEW*

Colombia Nariño Aponte-Royal Reserva Honey Process *NEW*

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A caturra varietal originating from Colombia, these beans are laid out to dry with the fruit still intact amidst the cold, heavy winds common in this region.

The beans are processed using a special method called 'honey processing,' which keeps the bean encased in the coffee cherry as the coffee is being dried. The different colors of honey processes, spanning from yellow, to red, to black, refer to different lengths of time that the bean is kept in the cherry/how much light it has been exposed to, and are reflective of what the fruit looks like at the point the coffee is fully dried.

Done to our full city light roast, this brew is medium bodied with notes of caramel, cherry, red apple, and tangerine. Expect an above average acidity and a natural honey-like sweetness thanks to the honey process!



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