Bill's "Bourbean" Blend

Bill's "Bourbean" Blend

$ 20.95

Introducing: a brand new coffee collaboration with The Whiskey Dictionary!

Medium bodied with complexity, this custom blend takes a combination of coffees from each of the main regions we offer (Indonesia, Africa, Central America and South America) and pairs it with just enough bourbon barrel-aged coffee to give it that little extra "oomph" of delightful aroma and flavor.

For the aging process, Head Roaster John Parks chose to use two dry Larceny bourbon barrels. The green beans undergo a month of aging before being roasted to perfection, then are placed into the second barrel for another week to re-infuse any flavor lost during the roasting process.

The end result is a delicious cup with notes of chocolate and nutty butterscotch. A perfect after dinner sipper!

Please note: if you'd like this coffee ground, let us know in the "additional notes" section of your order!

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