Sumatra Natural Gayo Hendra Estate **NEW!**

Sumatra Natural Gayo Hendra Estate **NEW!**

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An important part of the journey from bean to brew is the processing method used to separate the coffee cherry and its seed (aka 'bean'). One such method is a 'natural' or 'dry' process, which involves leaving the coffee cherries on raised beds and allowing them to dry out in the sun before whisking them away to be hulled. Though common in other regions of the world, it's somewhat unusual for an Indonesian bean to be processed this way. This Sumatra Natural Gayo Hendra Estate is one such exception.

Full bodied, low acid, and decadently rich, we roast the Sumatra Gayo to a classic full city in order to fully showcase the brew's unique flavor. Expect a delightfully aromatic cup with notes of chocolate and strawberry.

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