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The Weekly Grind - Decaf Swiss Water Process

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Grind! You may know that all of our decaf coffees are certified Swiss Water Processed, but what exactly does that mean? Well, most decaffeinating processes out there rely on the use of chemicals to directly or indirectly extract the caffeine from the beans. Swiss Water Process, however, is chemical free, relying instead on an environmentally friendly and organically certified method involving the power of water and heat.

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The Weekly Grind - Armeno Coffee Regional Guide

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Grind! We're closed today for the long weekend, but will be open 9-5 Tuesday-Saturday as usual. Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes too many options can be intimidating. Before diving into the details of every brew, these rules of thumb can help you figure out where in the world of coffees your taste buds are most likely to gravitate to.

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