Cup of the Month - July 2017

Cup of the Month: Dark Roast Blend

Seeing as cold brew season is now in full swing, this month’s featured brew is our delicious Dark Roast Blend!

What’s Inside?

We create this blend by mixing Costa Rican, Sumatra Mandheling, and Tanzania Peaberry beans that were all brought to a french roast level. For those unfamiliar, a french roast is on the darker end of the spectrum, the second highest we roast to at the mill. This often caramelizes and deepens the flavor of the bean, bringing out a more prominent richness and sweetness than lighter roast levels.

What does that mean flavor-wise? The Costa Rican and Tanzania Peaberry bring a light complexity to the full bodied Sumatra. This culminates into a strong, flavorful, dark brew with slight chocolate notes and a smooth finish that appeals to a wide variety of palates.

Pro Tip:

This is the blend we always use for our cold brew, and we highly recommend you try it too! We choose the Dark Roast Blend both for its wide appeal and for its dark roast level, which guarantees that the flavor of the beans still shines through.

Not sure how to cold brew? As we’ve mentioned before in this blog post, it’s actually super simple! We use a big ol' industrial-sized Toddy system since we make such large batches of it, but all you need is a glass jar, coffee grounds (grinding on the coarser side typically works best), and a cheese cloth (or pour-over filter, etc) and you’re good to go. Toss the grounds in the cloth, pour cold water over it, tie it off, and leave it in the fridge overnight. Then, simply drain and throw away the grounds and you’re ready to enjoy!

If you don’t have the necessary materials, or want a tried-and-true method that comes with more specific instructions, we have Coffee Socks (which are reusable--a plus!) and Toddy systems available at the mill or here on our website.


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