Good news, folks!
For those of you wondering, we do fall under the essential business category and are continuing to fill orders. However, we are still closed to the public and filling online orders only.
For those who would like to place an order for pick-up, you still have to order online, however we have created a coupon code that you can input at check out! Again, locals only (as in anyone willing to make the drive over here): use the coupon code PICKUP during checkout & input your phone number in the notes so we can let you know when your order is ready. We will roast your coffee to order and then give you a call when it's ready. All pick-up orders will be placed in white bins outside the building (just look for your name; we won't put it out until after we call you). These bins will only be out during business hours (currently Mon-Thurs 9-5 & Fri 9-3), but no worries if you can't come by the same day we call you. We'll just put your order out again the next morning. That said, we are not here on Saturday or Sunday, so all orders placed over the weekend will not be filled until Mon-Tues the following week.
(Edit 4/3: check your spam folder! Many people have been reporting that our emails letting people know their order is ready have not been reaching them, therefore going forward, phone numbers are preferable to email at this time).
(Edit 4/8: Pick-up folks, just FYI, when you finish checking out, our system will send you an automated message confirming your order. Yes, we know it says "getting ready to be shipped." No, we are not actually going to ship it if you input the PICKUP discount code. Don't worry, we've got you! Do email or call us though if we send you a tracking number, because that means the discount code was not input properly and it is getting ready to be shipped. Thanks!!)
As for everyone else, in order to try to better meet your coffee needs in this difficult time, we are lowering our free shipping minimum to all orders of $29 or more.
Currently (updated 4/8) the wait time for all orders is only about 1-3 days.
We will continue to update you as things develop! Keep an eye on your email and our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Thanks so much for the support and stay safe & healthy out there!
Your Armeno Crew


  • Margo

    Bright spot on a chilly, rainy day, finding my order so readily available for pickup as a local!

  • carolyn makuen

    Hi, are your decaf mocha java coffee beans gluten-free (for a mail order)? Thank you so much!

  • Jeanette

    Greetings from Portland, Maine! I am grateful to you for continuing to roast and ship your perfect coffee. I cannot imagine getting through this lock-down at home without my Indonesian Sumatra Takengon Viennese roast—makes a difference in our quality of life during this time and I look forward to this high quality coffee each morning as I start my work day at home. I typically order 4 lbs at a time and will continue to do so. Again, thanks so much!

  • Crickett Sweetwood

    We appreciate you so much for filling online orders for us. We would be very sad to not have our Cowboy Coffee every morning. Stay healthy!

  • Joan Dahl

    So relieved that you are still able to stay open! We’re going through more beans than ever with 2/3 in our household working from home. Stay safe and healthy from Utah!

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